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Olives Under Autumnal Sun

Olive leaf extract Hydroxytirosol

Olive leaf extract Hydroxytirosol

Do you know which antioxidant is the most powerful? Vitamin C? Beta-carotene? Green tea? No, the world’s most powerful antioxidant is something you’ve probably never heard of; it’s a little polyphenol called hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol is the superstar of antioxidants. It is considered to be 15 times higher than green tea and 3 times higher than CoQ10. Hydroxytyrosol is primarily found in the olive – its fruit, leaves and pulp. It was first discovered and extracted from the wastewater that resulted when green olives were rinsed in the process of making olive oil. For decades olive oil has been known for its many healthy properties. It has long been noted that Mediterranean countries have lower rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer than other Western countries. And since the most characteristic element of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, researchers began studying it, looking for the compound that was responsible for the anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering effects.  VERDEPURO VITA obtained from fresh Italian olive leaves, with a patented process, has an high content of the Hydroxytirosol molecule.

Those looking to boost their body’s immune system and free radical fight ability can purchase VERDEPURO VITA, which is a vegetarian water infusion. VERDEPURO VITA  is made from the olive leaves with a patented process that keeps the Hydroxytirosol properties at their highest. Water infusions are also easily digested.

Olive leaf extract Hydroxytirosol supplement VERDEPURO VITA contains hydroxytyrosol extracted directly from selected Italian fresh olive leaves and is available online with minimum purchase of 2 bottles for more than a month supply of 50 ml daily servings  ( equal to little more than 2 ounces ). Hydroxytyrosol is easily absorbed through the stomach lining and into the bloodstream and promotes cardiovascular, immune system and cholesterol health.

Check the detailed brochure and video clips, including laboratory analysis from the renown Florence Italian university at :

Wellness and Health to everyone

Olive leaf extract Hydroxytirosol

Giovanni Belluso

I'm a strong believer in the extraordinary benefits of extract from fresh olive leaves.
Ever since I've started taking this olive leaf extract infusion every morning, my HDL levels have drastically improved. I have much more energy and a more positive outlook on life. My wife used to suffer from a dry cough that she would get every winter and would last for weeks, keeping us both up at night. Ever since she started taking extract from fresh olive leaves, as a daily supplement, she hasn't had any issues. My hope is that I can share the benefits of VERDEPURO VITA infusion with all my friends and the people I love. It changed my life for the better and I hope it will change yours too.

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