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Olive Tree

Extract Olive Leaf Hydroxytyrosol AntiDiabetes

Extract Olive Leaf

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Extract Olive Leaf Lowers Blood Pressure

Extract Olive Leaf.

In a study of men with high blood pressure, oleuropein significantly lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also lowered fat and cholesterol levels in the blood

Oleuropein delayed the onset of an irregular heartbeat and decreased blood pressure in anesthetized rats

In patients with high blood pressure, taking 500 mg of oleuropein twice a day for 8 weeks effectively lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure [R].

 Olive Leaf Extract Improves Cardiovascular Health – Extract Olive Leaf

Olive Oil Heart

In both a rat model and in cell study of heart damage caused by oxidative stress, olive leaf extracts prevented the death of heart cells and maintained mitochondrial functions [R1,R2].

Long time consumption of olive leaf extract in rats with high blood pressure lowered systolic blood pressure, lowered heart rate, and reduced enlargement of the heart and kidney tissues. Overall, rats treated with olive leaf extract experienced improved blood vessel function, especially in the heart [R].

In mouse models of heart attack, oleuropein prevented heart damage and heart failure [R].

Oleuropein prevented the production of pro-inflammatory molecules [R].

Oleuropein reduced the amount tissue death caused by a local lack of oxygen in the heart [R].

  Olive Leaf Extract is Anti-Diabetes – Extract Olive Leaf

In a rabbit model of diabetes, oleuropein lowered and restored normal blood glucose levels and MDA [R].

Oleuropein improved insulin sensitivity and increased the uptake of blood sugar in mouse models of diabetes [R].

Diabetic rats experienced reduced blood sugar levels when treated with oleuropein [R].

 Olive Leaf Extract is Anti-Obesity – Extract Olive Leaf

Olive Oil Weight Loss

It seems that olive leaf extract can help fight obesity by preventing the body from generating more fat cells [R].

Extract Olive Leaf

In a study of rats induced with diabetes, oleuropein reduced body weight, fat tissue mass, and liver fat [R1, R2, R3].

Another study found that oleuropein reduced fat-cell production in human bone marrow stem cells [R].

Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol prevent pre-fat cells from maturing into true fat cells [R].

 Olive Leaf Extract Preserves Cognitive Function- Extract Olive Leaf

Olive Oil Cognitive Function

Studies conducted both in cells and in animals revealed that the phenolic compounds found in olive leaf extract (mainly oleuropein aglycone, and oleocanthal) have the potential to slow or prevent the onset of brain disease.

Amyloid diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, are caused by a buildup of misfolded proteins in tissues that cause the tissues to experience inflammation and to degenerate [R].

However, olive leaf extracts can prevent these misfolded proteins from entering the brain. This effectively reduced toxicity and tissue damage in mouse studies [R].

Extract Olive Leaf

In a rat model of Parkinson’s Disease, olive leaf extract rescued brain cells from cell damage and cell death [R].

Oleuropein reduced spatial memory impairment and improved cognition in rats with anesthesia-induced oxidative stress [R].

Even in the late-stages of Alzheimer’s, mice experienced improved brain cell function after being treated with oleuropein aglycone. This suggests that olive leaf extract can be used not only as a preventative measure but also as a therapeutic treatment [R].

 Olive Leaf Extract is Anti-Inflammatory – Extract Olive Leaf

Olive Oil Anti Inflammatory

During eye surgery, it’s important to keep the pressure within the eye consistent, and inflammation to a minimum. When rabbits were fed a diet high in olive leaf extract, researchers found that eye pressure was significantly decreased. This could help to reduce risk during eye surgery [R].

Extract Olive Leaf

In a study of mice injected with cisplatin to induce kidney damage, oleuropein countered the damaging effects of cisplatin. Oleuropein lowered creatinine and blood urea nitrogen to normal levels. Oleuropein also reduced inflammation and prevented kidney cell death [R].

In a human brain cell model, olive leaf extracts prevented inflammation [R].

Furthermore, studies associate oleuropein to an anti-inflammatory effect in trauma of the bone marrow [R].

Surprisingly, oleuropein not only reduced inflammation at skin injury sites in aged mice, but it also promoted rapid healing [R].

 Olive Leaf Extract is AntiBacterial, AntiFungal, AntiParasitic – Extract Olive Leaf


Olive leaf extract has been tested for antibacterial action against lactic acid bacteria. As a result, Oleuropein was not inhibitory, but two of its hydrolysis products, the aglycone, and oleanolic acid inhibited growth of the four species of lactic acid bacteria tested [R].

An in-cell study of cells infected with a common opportunistic fungus found that hydroxytyrosol (an olive leaf extract) was effective in limiting and preventing its growth [R1 ,R2].

Toxoplasmosis is inhibited by oleuropein treatment in kidney cells and in mice. Oleuropein effectively prevented cell death and tumor formation in mouse spleens and livers [R].

 Olive Leaf Extract is an Antioxidant – Extract Olive Leaf

Extract Olive Leaf

In an experiment with mice poisoned by arsenic, oleuropein reduced oxidative damage in blood, liver, kidney, and brain tissues [R].

Extract Olive Leaf

As a result,Hydroxytyrosol is the olive leaf phenol that is most effective at acquiring unpaired electrons and neutralizing free radicals, followed by oleuropein and then tyrosol [R].

 Improves Bone Density and Prevents Bone Loss – Extract Olive Leaf


Olive Oil Healthy Bones

Extract Olive Leaf

Studies seems like to suggest that olive tree products could prevent age-related bone loss.

A study on human bone marrow stem cells found that oleuropein increased bone cell production [R].

In mice whose ovaries were removed seems like that talc-induced inflammation increased bone loss and loss of bone density. However, olive oil and its main polyphenol oleuropein prevented this bone loss [R1,R2]


Giovanni Belluso

I'm a strong believer in the extraordinary benefits of extract from fresh olive leaves.
Ever since I've started taking this olive leaf extract infusion every morning, my HDL levels have drastically improved. I have much more energy and a more positive outlook on life. My wife used to suffer from a dry cough that she would get every winter and would last for weeks, keeping us both up at night. Ever since she started taking extract from fresh olive leaves, as a daily supplement, she hasn't had any issues. My hope is that I can share the benefits of VERDEPURO VITA infusion with all my friends and the people I love. It changed my life for the better and I hope it will change yours too.

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